Wedding Wednesday: Beyond the Guest Book

The guest book is guaranteed to be a cherished keepsake from your wedding, but having your guests simply sign their name in a book doesn't truly capture the magic of the day. Here are four creative alternatives to ensure that your guest book doesn't just sit in storage gathering dust.

"Leaf" a Note for the Bride and Groom

This is a super easy DIY and a personal favorite we put together for our very first wedding client. Grab a few branches from outside (absolutely free!) and spray paint them gold. Have cut out leaves in a few colors with string in a bowl or mason jar. Guests can write their well wishes and hang them on the "tree." Set this on your end table or frame the leaves in a cute pattern and you have a daily reminder of your big day.

Written in Wood

Here's another DIY that you can display in your home. Take 5 or 6 pieces of wood, stain them and, with a steady hand, use a paint marker to write you and your groom's name, date, and location of the wedding. Set this one a table with a marker for your guests to write their notes.

Shake it Like a Polaroid Picture

Your guests will have so much fun with this one. Set up a Polaroid camera on a table with a photo album. Your loved ones can snap a pic that you will cherish forever. These pictures will genuinely show the fun and joy of the day.

Message in a Bottle

This has to be my favorite alternative to the traditional guest book. Imagine cracking open a bottle on your first anniversary and reliving the day through the words of your family and friends. Pure magic.

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